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Paediatric First Aid Course

Paediatric First Aid is a 1 day course.

Until August 2020 this course was a requirement for anyone working in childcare or with children. In August 2020 the requirement from Tusla changed to the 3 Day FAR course, so if you work in childcare this course will not be adequate for Tusla compliance.
This course is ideal for anyone who requires knowledge of Paediatric First Aid in a setting outside of the workplace such as  first time parents. 

This is a 1 day course and covers aspects of Paediatric First Aid not covered in the 3 Day FAR including: Croup, Sickle Cell Anaemia and Meningitis.

Paediatric First Aid Course Kilkenny

Course Contents

  • Role & Responsibilities of the PFA
  • Assessing the Paediatric Patient
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Minor Injuries
  • Common Paediatric Conditions including:
    • Asthma, Croup, Febrile Convulsions, Meningitis, Anaphylaxis
  • Trauma Emergencies
Nose Bleed Paediatric First Aid